N.H.S. Football Program

Hi Classmates,


I hope this finds you all doing well.  Our son Ayden is a member of the Niwot H.S. football team and Erin & I are members of the “Niwot H.S. Touchdown Club,” which is the parent booster group to the team.  At a recent meeting, the group asked if there is a way that we can reach out to our alumni and invite them to give back to the school by joining in our annual golf tournament or to see if they would be willing to make donations or even sponsorships to the football program?


Niwot Football receives very little in the way of funding from the school district.  The majority of the money have to be fund raised or paid for by fees from the players.  Due to Niwot’s geographical location, it is very hard for them to get support from businesses, as they are not in the City of Longmont, where most residents support Silver Creek H.S., Longmont H.S. or Skyline H.S.  So Niwot is very limited in businesses that will support them.  In addition, a large percentage of the players that participate in football are on the “free or reduced price” school lunch program and come from families that do not have money to even send their boys to camp or to pay the team fees to play.  As a parent volunteer, I am also the public address announcer for all of Niwot’s home football games.


We are hoping the alumni can help us out!!


I am enclosing three documents: One is a flyer for our upcoming annual golf tournament.  It is our largest fundraiser of the year!  The next is a sponsorship and donation letter and the third is the sponsorship level information page.











The Niwot H.S. Touchdown Club wanted to see if we could post this information on our alumni webpage (niwot79.com), our Facebook Page, in addition to sharing this with other alumni classes to help generate some much needed funding to keep the football program going?  This is a great way for former classmates, alumni and supporters to help out the school and to keep the tradition of Niwot football alive!!  As an example, an alumnus from Silver Creek H.S. made a donation of $50,000 to their football program.  Silver Creek H.S. Football banks over $100,000.00 in their account!!


Let me know if you have any questions or need additional information and what we can do to get the word out about the upcoming golf tournament and ways to donate or sponsor the program.   Thank you so much for your help and assistance, everyone!  The Niwot H.S. Touchdown Club and the members of the football program greatly appreciate it!!



Joe Bartko

Media Professional

Voice-Over, On-Camera Talent, P.A. Announcer

Colorado State University Marching Band Announcer

(720) 579-3357